GDPR Bundles

Customisable Policies, Procedures and Privacy Notices for SMEs

Complete GDPR Toolkit Bundle

Our complete GDPR toolkit, valued at €399 is an extensive range of documents to support your business in both simplifying and complying with the GDPR. Understanding how the toolkit should be used is key, which is why we include the complete toolkit bundle in our online implementation course.

Client Privacy Notice

Employee Privacy Notice

Data Audit Questionnaire

Data Audit

Data Audit Sample 

Data Breach Policy & Procedure

Data Breach Incident Form

Processor Notification Letter

Processor Compliance Questionnaire

Processor Agreement

Readiness Audit

GDPR Implementation Audit

Legitimate Interests Assessment Template 

BYOD Policy & Procedure

Data Retention Policy

Data Breach Policy & Procedure

Information Security Policy

DPIA Procedure

DPIA Template

Employee Training Record

Training Development Policy